25 Things to Do Over Winter Break

Christmas may be over, but that doesn’t mean winter fun should have to end. Here’s 25 things to do over winter break. 
1) Read a book 

2) Write a letter 

3) Craft (Hint: YouTube GlitterGirlsClub)

4) Learn a magic trick

5) Practice your dance moves

6) Movie marathon (Harry Potter, anyone?)

7) Explore your neighborhood 

8) Design an outfit 

9) Play an instrument 

10) Ride a bike 

11) Play a board game 

12) Pet a dog

13) Call an elderly relative 

14) Start a scrapbook 

15) Teach an animal a trick 

16) Organize your book/movie collection 

17) Rearrange your bedroom

18) Learn to say “Hello” in 6 languages (┬íHola!)

19) Feng shui your living room

20) Take down your holiday decorations 

21) Eat all the remaining leftovers 

22) Learn all the lyrics to a new song

23) Try a new recipe

24) Go bowling 

25) Plan a NYE party 

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