5 Ideas for Those Rainy and Snowy Winter Days

I’m not sure about where you are, but where I live, the weather has been too cold and icky to go outside in lately. But how’s a girl to avoid going stir-crazy being trapped inside all day on a Sunday afternoon?

Don’t fret! Here’s my top 5 ideas on things to do indoors to get you through these last few months of winter.

1) Craft. Duh! Of course you knew that would be my number one idea. Need inspiration? Check out the youtube channel for Glitter Girls Club for some fun sparkly how-tos.


2) Learn something new.  What better way to spend some free time than by expanding your mind? Why not pick up a science kit and build a volcano? Or better, check out Pbs Kids for a step by step guide.


3) Start a new hobby. Now is the perfect time to get into crocheting, bug collecting, or writing! Try out some different, new things and see which ones you like! Stumped on where to begin? Read about Isabella Rose Taylor who started her fashion line at the age of 13: Isabella Rose Taylor


4) Host a sleepover. Its time to really bond with your gals! Invite them over for a fun camp out/ movie marathon at your place. Visit Birthday in a Box for ideas on getting your party started.
5) Brave the elements. When all else fails, its time to bundle up in cute coats and boots, and head outside to play. Head over to Grandparents for some ‘playing in the rain’ suggestions.
However you decide to spend those winter days, be sure to make it fabulous. You know what they say, only boring people get bored. And you, my fellow Glitter Girl, are far from boring.

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