5 Strange Thanksgiving Traditions

One of the best parts of Thanksgiving is spending the day with your family and friends, and celebrating all your favorite traditions.

In that spirit, lets take a look at some unique Thanksgiving traditions throughout the country.

1.Thanksgiving Day Pumpkin Smash Every year at the Santa Barbara Zoo, animal lovers can watch  as elephants, gorillas, and other animals play and interact with pumpkins.

2.5k Turkey Trot Turkey trots happen all around the country and we can’t think of a better way to burn some calories before eating your weight in pie.

3.Cracking the Wish Bone Surely you’ve heard of the old tradition of cracking the wishbone. But did you know the traditional actually dates back to the Roman’s who believed the person who broke off the larger  piece of the bone would have a wish come true?

4.Turkey Toss Cities across the country have oddly began adopting the tradition of tossing frozen turkeys. In Indianapolis, they actually dress the turkeys up as babies before lighting them on fire and launching them across a football field.

5.Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest What better way to prep for a feast than by eating 47 pieces of pie? That’s how many the World Pumpkin Pie Eating Champion ate.

If you want some pumpkin pie contest practice, try making our Microwave pumpkin mug cake.


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