5 Unique Ways for Kids to Make Money

I don’t know about you, but the holidays have me paying very close attention to my piggy bank. I usually make gifts for everyone, but even just getting the supplies can be pricey. An allowance only goes so far!

Here are some ideas on ways that you can earn some extra money:

  1. Become a neighborhood concierge- What’s that mean? You are the helper for your neighbors needing a bit of assistance with basic maintenance of their space. Example, maybe you help take a busy neighbor’s garbage cans out to the street and back into the yard every trash day. Or maybe you collect and hold the mail for a neighbor who will be out of town. Think about what services you can reasonably offer, run the list by your parents, then deliver the list to your neighbors.
  2. Go green and earn some cash- Not all communities have recycling programs. If yours doesn’t, start one! You can have your neighbors leave their recyclables in a box outside their porch once or twice weekly and pick it up free of charge. You would then take them to your neighborhood recycling center and get to keep all the money the center pays you. Most centers typically pay somewhere between .05 and .10 cents per plastic bottle or aluminum can. Think how quickly that can add up! Deliver flyers and talk to your neighbors. Sell them on the fact that it is completely free for them, and a great way to be eco friendly.
  3. Be the animal whisperer- You don’t actually have to speak dog for this. But lots of people want someone to come by and exercise their pet. Maybe for someone that means playing catch with their dog for 15 minutes, or maybe it means walking their pup around the block. This is a win/win situation because you get to play with adorable dogs, and you get to earn some extra cash. Don’t be shy about advertising your services! If you see a neighbor walking their dog, say a friendly hello and casually point out that you are around if the pooch ever needs to be walked when the pup parents aren’t available.
  4. Be the animal…uh…waste cleaner- Its a dirty job, but someone has to do it. And since most people don’t want to be “Someone” in this case, you could have a solid business on your hands. You would need to purchase a pooper-scooper from the store and plenty of trash bags and gloves. But after a few client sessions, you should earn enough to cover the cost of the supplies.
  5. Be the re-sale kid- Host a yard sale and sell things that you no longer need. Also, offer to help your parents clean the garage and remove things they don’t want and need. You can also leave notes for neighbors offering to pick up their old junk free of charge. You can sell the items at your yard sale and pocket all the profits.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Remember to always get your parent’s permission before reaching out to people you don’t know. Also, discuss with your parents basic safety precautions with regards to your business. Example: maybe there are broken bottles that could be a safety hazard during recycling collection process. Once you have the ‘rent’s support and permission, you are good to go!  Charge reasonable prices and have great, friendly service, and you are sure to have clients coming back again and again.



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