A Few Tips for Overcoming Jealousy

Its going to happen. Someone is going to get the part you wanted in a play, or a better grade than you, or crush on your BFF instead of you or something else that doesn’t fall in line with the outcome you wanted. It happens to everyone.

Feeling insecure or jealous over lack of ownership or status are natural.
Everybody gets jealous sometimes. But it does become concerning when the situation gets out of control. Imitation, being fake towards friends/family, bullying or stalking all take it a bit too far.

Here’s a 5 tip guide on overcoming jealousy that won’t solve it for you, but will help keep it from getting out of control:

1. Accept It

Pretending you’re not jealous will only make it worse. Admitting to yourself that you are currently wishing you have what somebody else has is an important step. The sooner you realize you are in control of your emotions, the sooner you can control them.

2. Put Your Jealous Thoughts in Check

Don’t lock yourself in your room. Stick to your normal routine. You’ll only be hurting yourself when you give priority to jealous thoughts. Take some time to relax and get involved with friends/family in other activities. Tell jokes. Make someone laugh. Help your parents with housework. Before you know it, there won’t be any room in your mind for jealous thinking.

3. Take Control of Your Reactions When Jealous

Jealousy, being a form of anxiety, is an unpleasant feeling. You’ll do just about anything not to feel it. So you might end up acting impulsively just to rid yourself of the feelings. Whenever you find yourself in such a situation, take a deep breath and focus. Don’t let your jealously lead you to make decisions you’ll later regret.

4. Focus on Yourself

You’re literally AMAZING. Comparing yourself to others only leaves you feeling inferior as there will always be somebody with something better out there or something that you wish you had. What matters is the growth and achievements you make as an individual.
You can feel jealous without even knowing it. Look at jealousy as a reminder for what’s missing in your life and what you aspire to have. Rather than hate, congratulate who you’re jealous of. It’s a step towards attaining self-confidence.

5. Talk to somebody

Sometimes we still can’t shake the feelings of jealousy and we feel like they are taking over. Don’t feel like you need to do it alone. Perhaps all you need is somebody close to you to remind you how much of a flower you are.

Remember that jealousy can be destructive to you and your relationships when you don’t get it under control. Once you admit to yourself what you’re feeling, you can start the path to fixing it. And don’t you dare waste another moment comparing yourself to someone else. You’re already fabulous!

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