Our Story

Young girls are often unintentionally molded into society’s stereotypes. They are encouraged to be sweet “little princesses,” and, though not necessary a bad thing, we at Glitter Girls Club are redefining exactly what that means.

A Glitter Girl is, of course, stylish, fashionable, and talented.  But she’s also smart, courageous, and a fabulous friend.  She’s into sports, math, science, and being smart to her is much more impressive than being popular.  She’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and will always stick up for a friend.

The Glitter Girls was founded by a little girl.  A girl named Bleau who loves math, science, music and creating things, and one day aspires to be a scientist and a doctor who cures diseases currently plaguing young children.  Of course, she plans to do all of that in the world’s first sparkling pink lab coat.  

It began as a book about Bleau and three friends, and their amazing adventures.

Our members will notice that we are constantly encouraging them to submit photos, articles, stories, etc.  That’s because The Glitter Girls Club aspires to support and encourage all of our member’s endeavors.  Did you place third in your school science fair? We want to hear about it! Earn the lead in the school play? Let us know.  We are proud of all of your accomplishments and truly believe girls should spend more time banding together, and less time tearing each other apart.

The site is primarily intended for the younger girl. The girl aged 7 to 11 who isn’t quite ready for boyfriends, puberty, and PG-13 movies, but isn’t a baby anymore either.

Aside from reading about The Glitter Girls and their adventures, we invite our girls to enter contests, take quizzes, read kid-friendly news articles and more.

You’ll notice the content on our site is always age-appropriate, and a safe, wholesome feel all around. 

We invite you to come on in, look around, and enjoy.  We always welcome feedback and suggestions from our members. Feel free to write to us if you have a suggestion to help improve our little community.