Advice for Kids on Starting a Successful Web Series

One of the most popular questions I get is “How can I start a successful YouTube channel?” I thought I might give you allĀ a few notes that helped me grow my channel to approximately 37,000 wonderful subbies and 3.7+ million views.

1) Why do you Want to Start a Channel?

This seems like such a basic question, but its actually very important. I started my channel because I LOOOOOVE crafting and creating things. Even when I’m not working on a video, I’m in my room drawing, making bracelets, creating gifts for friends and family, etc. A channel for me was a way to share what I love with other people. Think about the real reasons that you want to start a channel. Focus on something that you already love doing, so it never seems like work and won’t make you sad if you don’t have a big following right away.

2) Be Consistent

Realistically think about how often you can make videos. Take into consideration time with family, friends, extracurriculars, homework, Netflix and couch time, etc. Once you decide what day(s) you are able to commit to posting videos, stick to it. Your fans will begin to count on your videos being posted regularly.

3) Stay Friendly

One of my absolute favorite things to do is read all the comments and notes my subbies post, and respond to them. Sometimes they give me great ideas, and sometimes they give me the encouragement to keep making videos. Having a successful channel is a relationship. Be kind and friendly to your supporters, and they will continue to support and share your work.

4) Don’t Focus too Much on Ads

Don’t get me wrong, ads and sponsorships are a fantastic way to help pay for supplies, etc, but don’t overwhelm your followers. Start by building up a loyal fanbase, then look into adding advertisements.

5) Learn to Use YouTube properly

If you are going to use YouTube as the platform for posting your videos, make sure you know how to use it properly. There is a ton of information available that will help you with everything from analytics, to lighting and sound advice. Take advantage of the free tools that are available to you.

6) Equipment

I personally shoot with a Canon T2i and edit with Final Cut Pro X. But it is possible to shoot amazingly crisp video with a camera phone these days and there are plenty of apps to edit video. Make use of what you have, and practice, practice, PRACTICE. I can’t tell you how important a good-quality video with good sound is to your viewers. What good is having a hilarious or informative video if no one can see or understand it?

Those are my 6 tips for now. As always, write to me if you have questions. I love getting messages from you guys. Sometimes it takes me a while to respond (#homeworkislife) but I will get back to you.



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