DSCOVR Satellite Takes Orbit

Science Article for Kids DSCOVR Satellite
Curious about what space looks like from outer space? Thanks to Space X, a space exploration company, we will soon see. On February 11, Space X launched a satellite into orbit nearly one million miles away from earth. The satellite, called DSCOVR, will take photos daily of Earth and monitor space weather.
Just like on Earth, there are storms in outer space. Many of these storms occur when bubbles of gas fly off the surface of the sun and travel towards the Earth.
If you were in the North Pole when this happened, you could see the storm in the sky. It looks like a beautiful presentation of colorful lights that are called the Northern Lights.
Though the energy is beautiful to see, it can also be quite dangerous. Some solar storms can interfere with satellites that we use for GPS, cell phones, and air travel.
As we depend more and more on technology that is supported by satellites, it becomes very important for us to be able to protect them from solar storms.
Once in place, DSCOVR will be able to send important information back to Earth and provide us the chance to prepare for solar storms.

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