Earning Points and Prizes

How to Earn Rewards

Are you a member of Glitter Girls Club? Want to know how to earn points to cash in for fun rewards*?

Its easy! Here are the 3 ways:

1) Write for us

Are you an aspiring writer? Perfect those skills by writing a post for our blog, sharing your poetry, or sharing a short story. You will receive 1 point for sending your work to us (no more than 2 submissions per week) , and 5 points if we publish it!

2) Share your Shine

Ace a math test? Help clean up your local park? We love celebrating our members! Let us know what you did. If we publish it, you will earn 2 points for sharing and an additional point if you include a photo..

3) Star Power

Are you the next Taylor Swift or Jennifer Lawrence? Show us your skills by sharing a link to a video of you performing. If we publish it, you will earn 3 points for sharing your performance skills.

Its that easy! Send your your work to:  with the subject SUBMISSION

Until then, Shine on!

Note: By submitting, you agree the follwing 3 things:

1) We have your permission to use your first name, photo, and story on the site

2) You have gotten your parent(s) permission

3) Anyone else in the photo with you has given permission for you to use it

*Please note colors and styles of rewards may vary