Fun Instagram Captions to Try Next Week

In an Insta rut? Feel like you’re always posting the same kind of pics? We can help with that. Here are some ideas to get you through the week.

Monday: Post a pic with your hair looking fantastic, outfit together, and homework ready to go. Break up the Monday Blues cliché by totally having it together. Caption: Oh, hi, Monday. I’ve waited all weekend for you.

Tuesday: Grab some tacos (Hello! Taco Tuesday?!) and post a pic with it. Caption: Dinner with bae

Wednesday: Keep them guessing. Post a pic holding something super random. Caption: Mood. Photo says it all.

Thursday: Its practically the weekend. So post a pic with a big bowl of ice cream. Caption: Can’t expect to master the weekend if you don’t practice first.

Friday: Playing it cool. No one needs to know you’ve been counting down the days til Friday. Pic with BFFs. Caption: Can’t believe its Friday already!

Saturday: Let the good times roll! Post a cute friend/ family pic with pizza. Caption: Whoever said money can’t buy happiness never bought a pizza.

Sunday: You’ve earned a day a rest. Curl up with your furbaby and watch a movie. Caption: If cats could talk, they wouldn’t – Nan Porter

Tag us on insta if you use one. Don’t worry. We won’t tell if your post inspiration came from us 😉

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