How to Make a Jeweled Cap

DIY Jeweled Cap
So, though I have plenty of fabulous hats, (can you say, hello kitty straw fedora?!) I reliezed the other day that I don’t have any casual caps. You know, the sort of cap you can wear on a hike? Or to a ball game? Or with sweats and tank top?
So, obviously this needed to be fixed. Stat.
I found an ignored, tan cap in the back of my Mommy’s closet. After a not so quick trip to the craft store, rhinestones and glue were purchased and this beauty was born.
Its not overyly complicated and not super time consuming. You just need jewels of different sizes and shapes, and some glue made for gluing gems onto fabric. Then, voila! Style is born.
Happy gluing, Glitter Girls!

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