How to Not Waste Away Your Thanksgiving Break

Guys, lets be honest, we weren’t as productive with our summer vacations as we could have been. We had big plans, but kinda forgot to do a lot of the stuff on our lists. Its time to redeem ourselves. Here are 15 things we should try and accomplish before the end of next week.

  1. Spend a lot of time with family.
  2. Finish our Christmas lists (for giving and for receiving 😉 )
  3. Help out around the house without being asked.
  4. Clean our rooms. But, I mean like, really CLEAN them.
  5. Play with our pets.
  6. Get a jump start on upcoming school projects.
  7. Start and finish reading a book.
  8. Finish that DIY project we’ve been meaning to do.
  9. Learn one of our relative’s top secret family recipes
  10. Watch a holiday movie.
  11. Listen to family stories.
  12. Look through old family photo albums.
  13. Find that thing we’ve been looking for.
  14. Delete unnecessary junk from our devices.
  15. Learn something new.

Be sure to share if you have some other suggestions of things we can all try and accomplish. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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