Make Candles from Crayons

How to Make Candles from Crayons
Hi there, Glitter Girls!
If you are subscribed to my channel on youtube, you probably saw last weeks video on how to make candles from crayons. These, of course, had a bit of sparkle added.
I thought I was going to make this as a gift for my mom, but it looks so pretty in my studio, that I think I will keep this one for myself. In case you missed it, here’s a quick how to:
– Glass jar
– Candle wick and clip
– Scissors
– Crayons (I used 3 different colors)
– Extra fine glitter
– Soy wax flakes
– Paper cups
– Scent (optional)
1) Start by peeling the paper from your crayons and breaking the crayons into pieces
2) Put a different color crayon in each cup
3) Fill the cup another 3/4 full with soy flakes and add your scent
4) Stick your wick to the bottom of your glass jar
5) Microwave cup about 2 minutes (stay close by, it may not take this long)
6) Mix in glitter and pour into your jar
7) Allow to cool completely
8) Repeat the steps with your next 2 layers
9) Sprinkle glitter on the top layer before it dries
10) Trim your wick, and enjoy!

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