Our 5 Favorite Live-Action Disney Remakes and What’s Disney Working on Next?

With the new live-action Beauty and the Beast movie sweeping through theaters and breaking records across the world, we had to take a moment and appreciate the wonder of Disney magic. In this film, Disney reimagined their own 1991 classic animated film in live action. Here’s 5 other live-action Disney films based on Disney movies that we love.

5) Malificent At times a little creepy, Malificent was a live-action approach to Sleeping Beauty from a different perspective.

4) Alice in Wonderland Decades after the fun and colorful original Alice in Wonderland, Disney released a new version.

3) The Jungle Book Staying more true to their original animated film, The Jungle Book was released last year and it delighted the world.

2) Cinderella Disney revisited another favorite princess with their live-action revamp of Cinderella.

1) 101 Dalmations. Fans of the animated film featuring dozens of spotted little pups fell even more in love when they saw the live-action puppies.

If you are loving the live-action do-overs from Disney, you’re not alone. And apparently, they love them too. The rumor is that there are currently 14 other live action films in the works. Wanna know what they are? Here’s the List:

The Little Mermaid


Peter Pan


Malificent 2


The Jungle Book 2


The Sword in the Stone



The Lion King

Snow White

Christopher Robin (from Winnie the Pooh)

There’s others being whispered about and I’m sure we will know for sure which ones are really happening soon.

Which redo are you most excited to see?

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