Shine On: Interview with Joelle Better

Bella and the Bulldogs actress, Joelle Better,  can pretty much do it all.

She acts, dances, and makes hilarious videos with her brother.

We caught up with the rising star to talk about acting, superpowers, and staying true to yourself.

Fast Facts
Name: Joelle Ashlyn Better
Birthday: June 21, 2006
Birthplace: Los Angeles
Favorite Emoji: ?

Aside from playing young Bella in Nickelodeon’s Bella and the Bulldogs, Joelle can be found on screen and in print all over.

GGC: What was the first acting or modeling project you can remember and were you nervous?

JB: My first big job was modeling for a new food chain called O My Buns.
I wasn’t nervous at all as I have always been outgoing and love the camera. It was a fun shoot as they put flour all over my face.
My first acting job was a spot on Jimmy Kimmel xmas skit with the elves.
I was not nervous as the set was all dressed up for xmas and very magical .
It was a cute spot.
GGC: Whats your favorite show to watch on tv?

JB: My favorite tv show is Nickelodeon Bella & the Bulldogs as I played young Bella . I was featured whenever they flashed back to Bella being a little girl .

The storyline is cute about a girl who is a cheerleader that becomes the quarterback of the football team.


An amazing dancer, Joelle has graced stages for big events, on tv, and just for fun at home.

GGC: What is the hardest part about dancing on stage?

JB: The hardest part is all in the timing and musicality of your song. I am a perfectionist and always want to be my best self. Hitting all my turns, leaps and moves are critical when competing .

GGC: Whats your favorite dance move?

JB: My favorite move is a front kick as it is powerful when executed correctly and you get to show your flexibility . I love all sass in dance moves.


Joelle brings her energy and positivity to everything she does.

GGC: What advice would you give a girl that is having a hard time fitting in at school?

JB: Block out all haters as [they] are beautiful just the way they are. Rise above but most importantly: #neverletanyonedullyoursparkle

Joelle is as anti-bully as we are. She even participated in a “Say No Bullying” event in LA with lots of other celebs.


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Just for Fun

GGC: Would you rather have the power to fly or the power of invisibility?

 JB: Power of invisibility then I can eat all the candy I want and not get in trouble .


GGC: Whats your favorite song to sing in your mirror when no one is watching?

JB: Anything Beyoncé and she is Queen B ❤️



Joelle is clearly all about doing what she loves and being herself, which is what we love most about her. Thanks again, Joelle, for taking the time to chat with us!

To learn more about Joelle’s work, check out her IMDb page.

To track her journey, follow her on instagram.

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