Slumber Party Checklist

Summer is upon us, Glitter Girls!
That means road trips, beach days, and sleepovers with our besties!
Ready to plan your perfect slumber party? Here’s some tips to make sure its one to remember:

1) Movie- Nothing sets the fun level for a sleepover like a great movie. Have a few options on hand when your friends come over for everyone to choose from
2) Food- It goes without saying that good food and snacks at a slumber party are a must. Pick something fun and easy for dinner, like pizza or tacos, and have lots of snacks on hand. And of course you’ll need plenty to drink too.
3) Music- Tunes are an absolute must at any party, so get that playlist ready.
4) Friends- Invite your favorite girls over! Can’t have a party without guests.
5) Games- you’ll need plenty of games and activities on hand to keep everyone entertained all night. Board games, video games, or games that you invented can all be fun. Crafts can be fun as well.

Need more party inspiration, check out this fun video to make your own pom pom plushy!

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