Trolls Comes to Theatres November 4

Trolls is an upcoming animated musical comedy by Dreamworks based on toys of the same name.  The film follows energetic Troll, Poppy, and grumpy Troll, Branch as they set out on an epic adventure. Bergens are creatures who eat Trolls and have been terrorizing the villages. It’s up to Poppy and Branch to save Troll […]

Zootopia Comes to Theatres March 4

Get ready for the newest Disney comedic-adventure, Glitter Girls. On March 4, Disney’s newest animated feature hits zoos (ahem, I mean theaters) everywhere.. The story takes place in a modern mammal metropolis called Zootopia. Its made up of habitat neighborhoods, like ritzy Sahara Square and frigid Tundratown, and is a city where animals from every […]

Goosebumps Movie

In keeping with the current trend of books being transformed into movies, Jack Black’s latest flick, “Goosebumps,” opens in theaters this weekend. In this big screen adaptation, teenager Zach Cooper moves from a big city to a small town with his mother, much to his dismay. His one silver lining is befriending his beautiful new […]