Thanksgiving Road Trip Survival Guide

Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and, if you’re like me and millions of others, you’ll be traveling for your food.

Road trips are one of my favorite things- I love exploring new places and going to visit relatives.

Here are some trips to make sure getting there really is half the fun.

  1. Plan ahead Traffic for Thanksgiving can be crazy depending on your area of the country. Keep that in mind and pack plenty of activities to keep yourself entertained on the trek.
  2. Tunes are mandatory Make sure you update your playlist before hitting the road. What better time to catch up on Reputation? (Or any other Taylor Swift album for that matter.
  3. Snacks for days Ok, maybe you don’t need snacks for days. But its always a good idea to have too many snacks as opposed to not enough. Make sure you’re reasonably responsible and strike a good balance of fruits/veggies, and not just junk food.
  4. Embrace family fun The whole point of road tripping for Thanksgiving is good ol’ family bonding time. Make sure you plan in plenty of car games, chats, and sing-alongs.
  5. Take a look around Remember to detach from devices sometimes and really take in the view. Watching the earth roll by is really a cool sight. Don’t miss it!

Have fun out there. If you post pics, make sure you tag us on Insta (@GlitterGirlsClub) cause we’re nosy and wanna see what you’re doing.

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