The Cookie Monster

Most of you know (but some of you may not) that I am a Girl Scout.
I absolutely LOVE my troop! We do so many different things. We go hiking, do crafts (yay) go camping, and more.
We also sell cookies. We are raising money for a trip that the troop is taking in the fall, and while I understand the fundraising, I kind of dread cookie season.
But not for the reason you may think.
I dread it because I absolutely LOVE cookies. I love them. I’m not a fan of candy like lollipops and Skittles, taffy, etc. I really don’t like any candy unless its a chocolate.
But, I am a huge fan of desserts, particularly cookies. So, here I am with an entire case of Tagalongs (chocolate outside, peanut butter inside) and I’m supposed to not open and eat every single box?! How? How can I not?
It’s torture, seriously torture. And, of course, people will ask if they can buy a box and I know I have to say yes, but slowly I watch the boxes disappear.
Goodbye cookies. Until next year.

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