The Ultimate Under $20 Gift Guide for All Your People

The season is officially upon us and, if you’re like us, your wallet isn’t quite ready. Don’t worry, Glitter Girls! You know we’ve always got your back. Here is the ultimate gift guide for everyone on your list, all with price tags that won’t break your piggy bank.

For your BFF: Rainbow T-Shirt: $20.00

For a BFF that brightens up your life, go for this fun colorful rainbow t-shirt.

For the boy in your life: Harry Potter Snitch Pocket Watch: $16.99

Feed his inner quidditch jock with this cool Golden Snitch pocket watch, inspired by the Harry Potter films.

For your mama (or fav lady): $12

You know she loves a good cup of tea. Rather than giving her loose leaf or bagged tea, try these dissolvable drops.

For your dad (or fav guy): Latitude Longitude Bracelet: $13.50

A cool personalized bracelet for your dad. Hint: Customize it with your birth coordinates and see if he figures it out.

For your teacher: Globe necklace; $10

This adorable necklace has a spinning globe and binoculars. Perfect gift for your teacher.

For the little sis (or cuzzo): Cotton Candy Pillow: $15.20

Fight the urge to keep this adorable little cotton candy pillow for yourself and gift it to your little sis, or another younger girl in your life.

For your little brother (or cuzzo): DIY String Neon Light: $20

You know the little guy will love nothing more than powering this thing up and running around the house with it. Let him have this moment.

For the other adults: Soap Rocks: $13

These little gems look like beautiful rocks, but they’re actually soaps. Should make a safe gift for any other adult left on your list.

For the other kids: A skateboard: $12.30

Still got a kid left on your lift, can’t go wrong with a skateboard.

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