Tween Girl Bedroom Inspiration and Ideas

Hey Glitter Girls!

Now that its summer and you have a ton of time on your hands, its time to start getting your life in order. And what better way to start that then changing up you space?

Everyone’s room can use the occasional change up- whether its something small like changing the pillows on your bed, to a major overhaul- changing your space can give you a new surge of energy and inspiration. Here are 10 ideas to help inspire your next room design:

1) Wall Art- Sometimes art should be subtle, and sometimes it should send a big message. Consider mixing different types and styles of framed art on your walls, like a collage. Low on funds? You can buy cheap frames at the dollar store and paint them yourself.


2) Fabric Wall – Instead of hanging art or getting a big headboard, why not drape fabric above your bed? Well chosen fabric can make your room look royal and myseterious.

3) Color Blending- If you prefer darker walls in your room, consider mixing it with bright colored accessories to balance everything out. A darker wall will draw attention to the accessories and can make your room feel more comfortable and cozy.

4) Glitz and Glam- Fabulous and want the world to know it? Add some fur or sparkly accessories to your room. A fur trimmed lamp or sparkly chandelier are great ways to add shine to your room.

5) Sweet Space- Want to wake up like a princess? Add a light, airy canopy to your bed. Not only does it look fantastic, but who doesn’t want to wake up the same way as royalty?

6) Statement Wall- Instead of art, make your wall tell your story. A painted accent wall can draw attention to a particular space and help you display shelves, mirrors, drawings, et.

7) Upholstered Headboard- Add some color to your room by adding in an upholstered headboard. There’s tons of easy online videos for making a beautiful headboard out of everyday products.

8) Hideaway Bed- If you have a small room, or just want more floor space, a hideaway bed may be right for you. There’s a lot of great options for hiding a bed, from foldable options to furniture that doubles as a bed and a desk.

9) Simple fixes-  If you’re not ready for an entire overhaul of your room, try making a few simple changes. Mixing up the pillows on your bed, hanging a new piece of art, or adding a vase of flowers are all great ways to brighten up your room without a lot of cash.

10) More than basic- If you have a lot of white in your room- white walls, white furniture, etc- balance it out by focusing on one major accent color, or several different accent colors.

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