What is Labor Day?

So, summer is symbolically over and I, for one, have mixed feelings.  I love summer. Playing with my friends and traveling and getting to spend my days how I want. But, also, I miss school. I miss learning new things and discovering new books.

So whenever Labor Day rolls around, I celebrate and feel a bit sad at the same time. But did you ever wonder what exactly it is that the holiday celebrates? Here’s 8 facts that you should know about this 3 day weekend marker:

1) Labor Day is a federal holiday and always the first Monday in September
2) Labor Day honors the contributions that workers have made to our country
3) The first official Labor Day was in 1887
4) More than 80 other countries celebrate Labor Day
5) The first Labor Day was celebrated with parades and a festival for workers and their families
6) Labor Day weekend is one of the most prosperous weekends for retailers
7) Most major public offices, financial institutions, and government agencies are closed. Sorry. No mail today
8) Technically, summer isn’t over yet. The first day of autumn is September 22

Oh, and Bleau wanted me to mention that, despite what you may have heard, you are allowed to wear white after Labor Day.

We are having a barbecue today and shopping (have to support the retail industries since they don’t get to be off work today).

How are you spending your Labor Day?

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