Winter Fashion Trends to Give (and Receive) this Season

With winter officially starting in a few weeks, I thought it’d be the perfect time to talk about what we are going to wear. These trends will be perfect gift ideas for friends. Although I don’t think Santa would mind if you put a few items on the list for yourself.

Trend 1: Accessories


What pushes a perfectly “okay” outfit to the “fab” side? Accessories, of course. Try wearing a fun, printed hat or tossing your stuff in a plushy purse.

Trend 2: Faux Fur Anything


A sure-fire wire to glam up an outfit is to throw a faux fur vest over it. Don’t want to don a full vest? Try a faux fur scarf or ear muffs instead.

Trend 3: Color


For some reason, people think winter means you have to shy away from colors. That couldn’t be further from the truth. A bright, bold coat or dress only looks more spectacular with a snow blanket background.

Trend 4: Cozy Scarves


This is my go-to style in winter. Leggings, a dress, and a thick infinity scarf to complete the look. Try wearing one in a contrasting color to give your outfit a personal touch.

Trend 5: Colored Boots


Its cold outside and your mom is going to make you wear boots anyway. Might as well make them fabulous. Try a metallic gold or silver, or a bright yellow to really make an impression.

And thats it. Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration- either for your shopping list or your own closet. Did I leave out a winter trend you like? Let me know by leaving a comment.



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